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Watching Ahiru sleep in his arms, little quack-like snores and all, was Fakir's favorite early morning moment as he was always first to wake up. They lay in a spooning position together, her back to his chest and his arm slung over her waist. But then he felt another part of himself stir awake and his face flushed; he began to subtly scoot back, but then gasped sharply when her backside abruptly ground back against him. She was awake after all, and not quite ready just yet to let him leave. Sincerely, Anonymous


at first I was like


but then


and in short


My reaction exactly.

Fakiru, bookstore AU Sincerely, ballerinaduck


The redhead can’t afford to buy any books, not even at the slashed down barely-making-a-profit price that Fakir has them at in a desperate bid to remain competitive in the disaster that is the modern economy, so she sits in the aisles and tries to discreetly read entire novels when she thinks he’s not looking at her. He should probably kick her out, but she’s not really doing any harm, so he pretends not to notice the long hours she spends in his tiny used bookstore, paging through beat-up paperbacks and never paying him a cent for it.

But today, her mouth set in a line and hands clenched into fists at her side, she confesses her crimes in a sudden bout of conscience—judging by the redness of her face, muffled laughter wasn’t the reaction she was expecting from him.

So cuuute. :3


fakiru is maybe the only thing from an anime that i ship somewhat passionately and that is because i love stoic, slightly nerdy guys being paired with kinda goofy girls

they’re all “no way i am too cool to like this kinda goofy girl”

and then “oh my god no i like this kinda goofy girl”

So, I’m gonna be honest here, I relate myself to Ahiru A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. The first time I watched the anime I was like: “…OH MY GOD HAS SOMEONE BEEN WATCHING ME BECAUSE SHE IS ME.” And it was really weird, because I know this guy who, like, IS Fakir. And I couldn’t help but fall in love with him (I did before the anime, but it really did fuel the fire after it happened.) And this post really exemplifies that. Sadly, like Fakiru, it hasn’t happened.. Yet. >.> But I’m still hopeful he’ll be my Knight and I could be his.. Duck. ( >///.///

Beautiful artwork of the lovely Elsa! I wish I knew the artist, my eyes are too bad to view the watermark. ;~;

I absolutely am in love with this edit, the parallels that are made within Wicked and Frozen are wonderful, and I can relate both to the struggles of Elphaba and Elsa. (It also helps that they were both played by the beautiful Idina Menzel.)


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I want them to come to Colorado so badly. ;~;

Fakiru Fans UNITE!


I thought it might be fun to connect more and more Fakiru fans on tumblr and share what we like about the pairing. There seem to be quite a few of us spread out over the vastness that is tumblr. I’ve even seen a number of posts over time in which people expressed that they wished they had fellow fans to gush with. So… let’s try to connect more through our love for this amazing pairing!

So how about you guys?

Reblog this with what Fakiru means to you/what you like about them/crazy fangirling/anything! Let’s discuss and connect!

As for my thoughts on them…

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Rapunzel and Eugene forever and ever…

By: MaGeXP

This is the definition of perf.

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There’s that smile ♥

Jack Frost doe.

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